Mandatory Orientation for Printing on the Epson 11880 or Epson 7890

The orientation guides you through RayKo’s printer set-up, and is an overview of our custom process. The printer rental is for experienced printers who need access to an archival or large-format printer. Bring images to print during the orientation, which will cover:

• Colors and density adjustments on a color-managed monitor    • Setup files to run proofs and final prints  

• Learn proper handling, cutting, and packaging of print

Digital printing is a detail oriented process, and experience in the areas outlined below is key. You will be using all of these skills during the session.  If you need additional in-depth learning, we offer several classes and One-on-One Tutoring for more comprehensive educational experiences.


• Tues-Sun (10:30a-5p)

• All final prints must be complete by 6p

• 24-hour advance notice required for reservations