Der Ligner | Kenn Coplan

MAIN GALLERY: 11.19.2007 – 1.03.2008

Kenn Coplan has an MFA in photography and yet he spends his time in Hollywood working as an art director, production designer and doing set and prop design as well as special effects and pyrotechnics. In his spare time, Coplan creates interactive sculptures that have photographs hidden in their inner depths or have altered photographs as part of their design and function. He can be seen rappelling from the second story of his loft in Los Angeles; upstairs he has his darkroom and computer imaging lab, located downstairs are his welding and casting studios is as well as his wood shop. Coplan is a bit of a mad scientist, plugging in metal sculptures and then pointing to a switch and daring you to flip it. Each sculpture has different features and different functions as well as different elements and meanings. This is a hands-on exhibition that must be seen (and touched) to be believed!