Out of Site Retrospective

SIDE GALLERY | 5.25.09 – 6.23.09

A retrospective by photography students from the Out of Site Youth Arts Center. With performances by students from Out of Site’s The Booth: Hip Hop on the ever-turning wheel of the word – Poets, rappers, and MCs step up to the mic. A CD release party for this Out of Site class.”

Out of Site is a nonprofit arts education organization that provides free after school arts programs for public high school students in San Francisco. Our visual and performing arts programs fill a gap for teenagers: not only are they not getting art in their schools but there are few safe, free, fun and challenging programs for high school students. Students come to Out of Site looking for the chance to experiment in the arts, whether it is painting, music, acting, architecture, poetry or photography, and for a place to be themselves: all find artistic training, new mediums for self-expression, and a diverse and supportive community.