Kirk Crippens & Alan George

Side Gallery | 1.22.10 – 2.21.10

Everyone knows how to turn a house into a home but how does an abandoned home unwind back into a house? Kirk’s photographs capture a slice of that in-between world and provide a glimpse of the origin and promise of the homes that were. This collection is not a social commentary on Stockton, but the scale of its foreclosure problem affords a rich diversity of pictures of the after-home and of the adjoining farm landscape that had to make way to make possible the manufactured landscape. As often happens in art, the images have cast off the question and become beautiful objects in their own right. – Bimal Patel, July 2009



   Foreclosure, USA,   Kirk Crippens  

 Foreclosure, USA, Kirk Crippens 

  Wheeled Estate,   Alan George

Wheeled Estate, Alan George

San Francisco, California has the highest per capita rate of homelessness of any city in the United States. This fact can be attributed to many factors, including but certainly not limited to, the predominance of social liberalism, the year round reasonably mild climate and the relatively high cost of housing in the region. Homelessness manifests itself in a spectrum of living conditions, from living on the street with shopping cart and cardboard boxes to endless couch surfing. With this series of images, Alan George examines one of the more affluent homelessness conditions, vehicle (car/truck/RV/van/bus) camping. Specifically he typographically examines the vehicles which function as homes.