Advanced B&W Craft

  Mark Citret

Mark Citret


This 5-week class will look at virtually every aspect of making the black and white photograph: film choice, exposure, film processing, printing, toning, matting and presentation. The purposes of this class are to refine and hone those technical skills, but also, and more importantly, to begin the process of selecting from those endless techniques what each photographer needs to establish a personal “craft” consistent with their own goals and temperament. This class will also include the instructor’s own simplification of the Zone System, which allows for the tonal condensation of extreme contrast situations into a printable negative. Through supervised printing, lectures and instructor demos, as well as critiquing of work, students will have a greater understanding of refining their darkroom techniques. 

PRE-REQ: Intermediate to advanced darkroom experience. Students should know:

1) Metering: Knowledge of how to use a light meter (either in camera or hand-held) and metering to obtain proper exposure, using grey cards, metering off white walls etc.

2) Darkroom Experience: both processing b&w film and b&w printing

3) Camera: Working knowledge of camera functions including aperture, shutter speed, bracketing exposures, ISO

BRING: Up to 6 photographs of previous darkroom work

INCLUDES: Tuition includes a pass to film processing and group B&W Darkroom. Students also receive 50% off private B&W darkrooms. 


DATES:   n/a

Please review our sales policies regarding class withdrawals and cancellations before signing up. Sorry, we can not give refunds/credits for any class withdrawals less than 7 days before the class starts.

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Workshop Cost: $225

Early Registration: $200


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