Artist-in-Residence | Maggie Preston

SIDE GALLERY: 11.16.12 – 12.14.12

Maggie Preston


Working mainly as an analog-based darkroom photographer, Maggie Preston has traditionally employed the fundamental material aspects of the black & white wet-darkroom to both produce her work and to provide the base for her subject matter. While utilizing film, light, gelatin-silver paper, and photographic chemistry, Preston engages a subject matter fully obtained by her interaction with these foundational elements, while reconsidering what her subject matter could potentially be. Working in this manner Preston turns the medium back in on itself, creating a loop that traps the structural elements of both the physical space in which she makes work and the subsequent space she exhibits them in, as well as casting a net over the seemingly incidental refuse of photographic production.

Preston’s goal for the residency at RayKo was to employ aspects of digital capture and output into her practice, while continuing to engage with the accumulation of ancillary photographic detritus and the specific physical space of her production and exhibition: this time around that space being RayKo. Over the last six months she learned to make large-format digital negatives that were then contact-printed onto gelatin silver paper in the darkroom. The importance of this oscillation between analog and digital is echoed in the words of Chuck Mobley, Director of SF Camerawork, “For Preston, the subject of photography encompasses the multitude of ways that exist to capture an image, and the work serves as a sort of metaphor for the ever-unfixed state of the medium.”

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