Artist-in-Residence | McNair Evans


Exhibit Dates:  November 20, 2013 - January 10, 2014
Opening Reception:  November 20, 6-8pm

"McNair's pictures resonate with a heavy and genuine emotion whose closest comparison would be to music; to songs that change your mood and your day."  -Jason Fulford

McNair dedicated 2010 to photograph the lasting psychological landscape surrounding his father’s death ten years prior. A series of devastating fires, bad crops, perpetual over-extension, and high interest loans fractured the familial and financial stability of his childhood. In a search to better understand these experiences and the events that lead to insolvency, McNair retraced his father’s life. He photographed the farms where they hunted, college dorm rooms, and family members as well as his father’s oldest friends and their vacant businesses. While researching his father’s character and actions, McNair’s emotional states became subject and the photographs narrate his journey between isolation and acceptance. Combining his response with the artifacts of his father’s life, each photograph speaks simultaneously of past and present experiences. These pictures culminate in A Journal of Southern History, a national, award-winning body of work.

Confessions for a Son juxtaposes these photographs with those taken by his father roughly forty years ago. Exploring narrative and medium, photographs from family archives as well as experimental practices unite to reconstruct an emotionally complex family heritage. This inquisitive show transports us through love and loss, anger and tenderness, to a fresh appreciation of honesty, humility, and integrity.