Become a Rayko Teacher

RayKo Photo Center offers some of the most diverse and accessible photographic workshops in Northern California, with courses ranging from traditional darkroom printing to historic processes.  Our student body is comprised of seasoned artists yearning to learn new techniques, commercial photographers seeking to hone their skills, to beginners just starting out.  The students run a wide gamut of experience levels and interest.  

We are always looking for new classes to add to our curriculum. Our classes are taught year round and are divided into 3 sessions: Spring (Jan-May) , Summer (June-Aug),and Fall (Sept-December). An average course can be a single day intensive workshops to five sessions, with meetings once a week.  Please review our current course offerings to help you outline an appropriate time-frame for your course proposal. We are open to longer courses or different permutations, if it’s a good fit. Base hourly pay is $25/per in class teaching hour, and is flexible based on instructor experience, student evaluations, and length of time taught at RayKo.  At the present time, RayKo, can not pay for breaks or prep time for a class. Our Workshop Coordinator will contact you if your proposal is being considered for the upcoming semester.  Please no phone calls or walk-ins.

If you would like to submit a class proposal please follow these procedures:

1. Check out the classes RayKo is currently offering. Workshop content must be 75% different than any other course that is currently offered. Submit a course description highlighting what will be covered, how the class will be structured (one day, weekend, multi week etc), student pre-reqs, facility requests (what part of RayKo you need to use: darkrooms, studio for lectures, digital lab), and any additional supplies needed to teach the class. 

2. Cover letter and Resume (1 page max)

3. 3 Letters of reference

4. Send this information to