Black & White Film Processing

Lab film development can get pricey, but you can have fun and save money by doing it yourself at RayKo. Our film processing area has a light-tight loading room, all chemistry, & equipment needed to develop B&W film. Rayko also provides a binder with film development times as a reference tool. Using our our temperature-controlled filtered-air dryer will yield dry negatives in approximately 20 minutes. 

Film Processing Equipment


Film Dryer


• 35mm, 120, 220 rolls
• $6/first roll, $3.50/additional rolls
• HC110 or 76+ Developers
• Choice of plastic or metal tanks & reels
• Walk-in availability

Additional Courtesy Services

• Customers are allowed to leave their negatives to dry over night with no penalty for 24hrs

• Negative sleeves of all sizes available for purchase


Rayko also has a private processing room for sheet film customers.  Please call in advance to reserve this area of the facility.


• $13 per hour
• 4×5” – 8×10” sheet film
• Up to 1 gallon of chemistry included
• HC110 or Clayton 76+ Developers
• $7/gallon for add’l Developer or Fix
• Chemistry, racks, trays, and tanks supplied