Black & White with Barry

BW Traditional Darkroom & Film Processing RENTALS

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Currently, all of our B&W darkrooms are scheduled by appointment only during "BLACK & WHITE with Barry" times. See schedule below for dates and times and for information on equipment, click here. 


Black & white darkrooms are available for your printing pleasure with Barry Umstead as your host. Black & White with Barry has been going strong, with the darkrooms being sold out for several of the sessions last Month.  So don't delay--> Sign up early and often!  You can sign up for 4-hour or 5-hour sessions, as follows:


BW Group     4hrs = $45     5hrs = $55

BW Private    4hrs = $70     5hrs = $90

BW Mural     4hrs = $120    5hrs = $140

Saturday July 8, 10a-2/3p
Wednesday July 12, 530p-930/1030p
Wednesday July 19, 530p-930/1030p
Thursday July 27, 530p-930/1030p
Saturday July 29, 10a-2/3p

Thursday August 3, 530p-930/1030p
Sunday August 6, 10a-2/3p
Thursday August 10, 530p-930/1030p
Thursday August 17, 530p-930/1030p
Thursday August 24, 530p-930/1030p
Sunday August 27, 10a-2/3p
Thursday August 31, 530p-930/1030p

Sunday Sept. 3, 2017, 10a-2/3p

Thursday Sept. 7, 2017, 530p-930/1030p


After reviewing the schedule, if you would like to sign-up please email Barry at with the following information: 

Phone number
Date you want to print
Time (4hr or 5hr)
Room (Private or Group)
Negative size and print size

Barry will send you a Paypal invoice and your slot will be reserved once he has received your payment.  All printing sessions will be paid for in advance.  If your plans change, the prepayment is refundable (minus $5 admin fee) up until 4 days before the scheduled session.  

 Each session will happen only if enough people sign up to cover RayKo and Barry costs.  The decision to run/not run will be made four days prior to the session so SIGN UP EARLY!!  If a session has to be cancelled due to under-enrollment, all prepayments will be refunded in full or held as payment for a future session (your choice).

Film Processing

Our film processing area has a light-tight loading room, all chemistry, & equipment needed to develop B&W film

Sheet Film

Roll Processing

• $40 for entire 4hr block (during printing with Barry)
• 4×5” – 8×10” sheet film
• Up to 1 gallon of chemistry included
• HC110 or Clayton 76+ Developers
• $7/gallon for add’l Developer or Fix
• Chemistry, racks, trays, and tanks supplied

• 35mm, 120, 220 rolls
• $7/first roll, $4.00/additional rolls
• HC110 or 76+ Developers
• Choice of plastic or metal tanks & reels
• Walk-in availability


*All film processing must be completed by 10:00pm (no exceptions).  Film drying normally takes about 30min, but can be left to dry in our dryer for pick up on the next available Black and White with Barry night (see schedule above). 

 Some notes About the future  

 We anticipate offering B&W w/Barry printing days in June, July, and August, but the specific days & times may have to change due to previously scheduled workshops.

 We will be closing up & locking the doors at 1030p on Thursdays and 3p on Sundays, so all print washing and drying will need to be completed during the sessions.  

Info on Equipment Available

There are three private darkrooms, a twelve station group darkroom, and one mural printing room. Enlargers can accommodate 35mm-8×10” film formats. Just bring in your negatives and paper—we’ll provide darkroom setup, chemistry, filters, grain focusers, contact glass, dodge and burn tools. We also have drying screens and a dryer for RC prints up to 11×14”.


• 11×14” max print size
• 1 enlarger in 12 station room
• Shared room & shared chemistry
• 35mm–4×5” film formats supported


• Up to 20×24” tray processing
• Choice of Multi-Grade Diffusion or Condenser Enlarger
• Private room & chemistry
• 35mm - 8x10” film formats supported