Color Darkroom Rental

We have two private rooms, three group stations, and one mural room, which all lead out to a 50” wide Colex photo processor. There are light viewing units color-balanced for gallery lighting or daylight for close scrutiny of your prints, and viewing filters to assist with color correction. Just bring in your negatives and paper—everything else is covered. Reservations strongly recommended as the Colex is only turned on when a reservation is made for the day and the machine needs at least 1 hour to warm up to usable temperature. 

To reserve please call (415) 495-3773.

Color darkroom paper now available for purchase at RayKo


That's right you color darkroom fans! RayKo is now selling Kodak Supra Endura "Premier" paper. This paper is N surface (semi-matte) and comes pre cut into 50 11x14" sheets for $47.50 plus tax. For more info please contact us at 

Fine Print

  • 11" width is firm, 14" length plus/minus 1/8". 
  • 3 additional sheets are included for FREE incase of errors in cutting
  • Due to curve in paper, please load into processor "counter curl" or into our processor perpendicular to the rollers.
  • $2.50 discount for return of packing towards future purchases at RayKo  


• 50” wide processor
• All test strips must be cut, no jagged edges
• 14 sq. ft processing included, then High Volume Color Chemical surcharges apply

IMG_ 723.jpg
IMG_ 844.jpg


  •  $11 per hour for single enlarging station
  •  1 hour minimum
  •  1 – 4×5″ Dichroic enlarger
  • 11×14” max print size
  • 35mm-4×5” film formats



  • $17.50 per hour (Add 25% charge for 2nd person)
  • 2 hour minimum
  • 2 – 4×5 Dichroic enlargers
  • 30×40” max print size
  • 35mm-4×5″ film formats

Color Mural Darkroom

Rental Cost

• $17.50/hr (Add’l 25% charge for 2nd person) *

• $60/hr (1st time mandatory orientation billed in 15 min. increments)

High volume printing surcharge may apply, see rates below. 

Equipment Specs
• Fotor Vertical Enlarger HK2000, 8×10” color head
• 50” wide max print size
• 35mm-8×10” film formats

Mary Celojko

Mary Celojko

* Multiple Print Chemical Surcharge when quantity exceeds listed amount within a 5 hour rental period.

8x10 of 50+ $0.50

11x14 of 25+ at $1.25

16x20 of 12+ at $2.75

20x24 of 8+ at $4.25

30x40 of 3+ at $10.50

40x50 of 2+ at $17.00

or after 28 square foot at $1.25 per square foot


24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. If less than 24-hour notice is given, customers will be charged for time reserved including No Shows, late arrivals or early checkouts. Click to view full policies.

Darkroom Monthly Pass: $145/MONTH

30 consecutive days of unlimited access to all group darkrooms (B&W and Color), and B&W film processing for 35mm & 120mm, matting equipment, and heat presses. You receive a 50% discount on the Private & Mural darkrooms, and BW sheet film processing room (not including the first hour of Mural darkroom).). Click to view full policies.

$200 Pre-Pay Discount Plan

Put down $200 as a credit, receive 20% off all of hourly rentals, and credit be used for any purpose at RayKo. Credit is non-transferable, and non-refundable.

20% Student Discount

Full-time students receive 20% off all hourly rates. Must show proof of full-time enrollment by bringing in a current class schedule and student ID.