We have two private rooms and three group stations, which all lead out to a 50” wide Colex photo processor. There are light viewing units color-balanced for gallery lighting or daylight for close scrutiny of your prints, and viewing filters to assist with color correction. Just bring in your negatives and paper—everything else is covered

Expecting to print a lot? Please review our chemical surcharge prices

Our color darkrooms are available by appointment only
For more information on each room, pricing information, or to reserve time please see the links below

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Group Darkroom

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Private Room CD2

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Private Room CD4

RayKo is now selling Kodak Supra Endura "Premier" paper
 This paper is N surface (semi-matte) and comes pre cut into 50 sheets of 11x14"  for $47.50 plus tax
3 additional sheets are included for FREE incase of errors in cutting
Due to curve in paper, please load into processor "counter curl" or into our processor perpendicular to the rollers.
$2.50 discount for return of packing towards future purchases at RayKo  

Multiple Print Chemical Surcharge

when your quantity of prints exceeds the listed amount within a 5 hour rental period

8x10 of 50+ $0.50
11x14 of 25+ at $1.25
16x20 of 12+ at $2.75
20x24 of 8+ at $4.25
30x40 of 3+ at $10.50
40x50 of 2+ at $17.00

or after 28 sq/ ft at $1.25 per square foot

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