Creative Photography of Architecture

Shelter is one of our basic needs as a species. But beyond mere shelter, architecture can serve many interests for our social and individual worlds: as commercial space, social space, and even sacred space. Photographers can engage with architecture on several distinct levels, in terms of its unique design aspects; its pervasiveness in and influence on culture; the philosophical implications architecture poses for human existence; and the simple physical and visual fact of it in our developed world. Students will think creatively about architecture while considering various technical ways to photograph structures and spaces, both exterior and interior, with special attention to perspective, lines, and lighting. Class will begin with a one day lecture and will follow with in the field shooting sessions in various parts of San Francisco for the duration of meetings. This class is open to digital and film photographers. Tuition includes a lab pass to RayKo's computer workstations, the B&W and color group darkrooms, as well as B&W film processing. The lab pass does not include access to scanners or printer workstations

PRE-REQ: Basic photography skills.

BRING: Notebook 

INCLUDES: Tuition includes lab pass to group darkrooms, film processing,  or digital computers. This pass does not include access scanners or printer workstations

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Workshop Cost: $150

Early Registration: $125


Large Format Photography, Lev 1

Large Format Photography, Lev 1

Composition &   Editing, Level 1

Composition & Editing, Level 1

Advanced B&W   Craft

Advanced B&W Craft