Digital Image to Tintype Service

Welcome dear appreciator of photography. You have stumbled into the twilight zone of printing services. Its simple really.  Send us your digital file, fill out the order form to the best of your ability, give us a week (+shipping time) to work our magic, and before you can say "Ansel Adams is not overrated" (x1000) your lovely digital image will exist in the real world as a cherished tintype.  Don't know what tintype is you say? How is this possible you say? I urge you to read on . . .

 Artwork by Carlos Arrieta

Artwork by Carlos Arrieta

Example of Digital File converted into a tintype (3.25" x 3.25") 

First things first, above is an example of an image that has been converted.  As you can judge, the results are quite good. The file was a tiny Instagram image that was lost in the ocean of imagery that is the internet.  Now found, it now flourishes as a prestigious tintype.

A Tintype is a photographic process from the 1850's that is a direct positive image captured on a black enameled aluminum. Usually portraits were created in this process, and is best known for portraits of American Civil War soldiers and Abraham Lincoln.  


How is this done

Through some very epic darkroom magic, we are able to convert your files to tintypes. Come on, somethings gotta be kept a secret. But rest assured.  Every image is hand coated and hand processed in the tradition of wet plate image making. 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Great for non Tintype Subjects

In addition to getting your artistic  images printed as a tintype.  You can also get tintypes of subjects that are not usually good for doing the in camera studio process like your pet images.  Other ideas include macro photography, vintage images, family photos, babies and children.  Really anything.