Equipped with professional equipment available for hourly rental, The Rayko Digital Lab is your place for a complete workflow solution for scanning, editing, and printing your imagery.    Not all equipment requires a reservation, but due to demand, we highly suggest you call in advance to reserve your rental.

Call To Reserve: (415) 495-3773

For 1st time customers, equipment orientation needs, or face to face interaction the Rayko Digital Lab staff hours are as follow: 

Tuesday - Friday : 10-6pm

Saturday - Sunday : 1pm-5pm

or email your questions to

Click on an image below to learn more about the rental costs and equipment specs. 

Imacon Negative Film & Positive Transparency Scanner

• Our highest quality scanner is the perfect solution for perfectly archiving film for making museum quality prints.

• Imacon 848 Flextight scanner, scans up to 100M/minute in 16-bit

• Mandatory orientation video viewable at the hourly rate or free on our website watch tutorial videos below.

$45/hr  • 1 hour minimum, after which billed in 15min increments

Mini-Bulk Pass Available for $135 for 4hrs (buy 3 get 1 free)

Must call to reserve: (415) 495-3773

Film Scanner Rentals

Film Scanner


Flatbed Scanner Rental

Flatbed Scanner


Computer Station & Scanner Rentals

$15 per hour

Bulk Pass:  Buy 4 hours, get 1 FREE!  

Digital Lab Passes & Specials

DIGITAL & DARKROOM ACCESS PASS - $185 -   The pass gives you unlimited access computer workstations, Epson Flat Bed scanner, as well as our Nikon Film scanners for 30 consecutive days. Also included in this pass is unlimited B&W film processing as well as printing up to 11 x 14 in our B&W and color group darkroom! In addition, you also will receive a 50% discount on the Private and Mural B&W and Color darkrooms or BW sheet film processing room (not including the first hour of B&W Mural darkroom). This pass does not include our Imacon Scanner or Digital Printing stations.  

FILM & FLATBED SCANNER BULK PASS - $60 - Buy 4 hours of scanning time and get 1 free. This pass includes the dedicated film scanners and flatbed scanners.  This pass does not include the Imacon Scanner. Users must still call to reserve equipment. 

IMACON BULK PASS - $135 - Buy 3 hours of Imacon scanning time and get 1 free.  This pass does not include the other scanners and users must still call to reserve equipment. 


Rent Archival Inkjet Printers

Sheet Fed Printer Rental

Sheet Fed Printer Rental

Large Format Printer Rental

Large Format Printer Rental

Medium Format Printer Rental

Medium Format Printer Rental

Plug n Play Printing: Using Your Own Laptop

Plug n Play Printing: Using Your Own Laptop

Computer Editing Station Rental

Computer Editing Station Rental