To enroll in Digital Photography, Level 2, you should have a full and complete understanding of:

         1)  Metering for proper exposure, including:

                  a) the use of a gray card

                  b) light meters, both incident and reflected

                  c) how to correct for a meter reading off of a white wall

         2) Histograms

         3) Clipping

         4) Bracketing

         5) Exposure compensation

         6) Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual modes:  What they do & when to use which?

         7) Depth of Field:  What is it? How to get shallow DOF? Long DOF?

         9) How to overexpose and why?  Underexpose?

         10) What does ISO mean? How do you use it to alter your images?

         11) Different settings to use to “stop up” or “stop down”? Which to use when?

         12) Color spaces, ALL OF THEM

         13) File formats, ALL OF THEM       

Please send an email to digital@raykophoto if you have any further questions of what class would be best.