Curious about image sizing and pricing? All of our papers are priced the same, to encourage photographers of all levels to bring museum quality prints into their home. Our prices are determined by print size and are priced affordably at $20 per square foot

Since each print is hand printed by one of our excellent digital lab staff members, we require a $20 minimum print order. For more information on our digital print policies, please see our policies page


All of the prints crafted at RayKo also receive complimentary packaging, including glassine and cardboard
Prints larger than 20 x 30 will be rolled and boxed unless otherwise notified


If printing to a custom size or one not listed, to determine your print price please follow the following steps:

multiply the width of the image by the height (for example, 5 x 7 = 35)

take that sum and divide it by 144 (35/144 = .24)

multiple the number by 20 ( .24 x 20 = 4.86) 

The final number is the price of your print before tax. Ta-da! Who said you'd never use math?