Drum Scanning Service

Drum scanning is recognized by the photography community as being the very best method of digitizing film.

  Paccarik Orue  6x6 Drum Scan

Paccarik Orue 6x6 Drum Scan

Heidelberg Tango Drum Scanner

  The Heidelberg Tango Drum Scanner is considered to be the Industry standard and provides scans with incredible detail through out the tonal range. RayKo provides you with the largest scans our drum scanner can deliver at the size your film can produce. Our expert digital staff will handle your film with care and provide scans cropped, sized, and color corrected to your specifications.  Our scans are not upsized and are provided as raw scans straight from our scanner. Some example sizes our Heidelberg drum scanner can produce are listed below.

Arturo Oliva Pedroza 35mm Drum Scan


Maximum Scan Sizes for each format and Prices

  • 35mm @ 1.4gb 16bit color /54x50 300dpi= $65

  • 6x6@ 2gb 16bit color/ 60x60 300dpi= $65

  • 4x5@ 1gb 16bit color/ 40x50 300dpi= $65

  • 8x10@1.8gb 16bit color/54x67 300dpi= $100 


20% Discount on 5+ bulk scan orders

 Scans are completed in 7 business days of receipt, but may take longer depending on volume or schedule

For Further Questions Please Contact : Arturo@raykophoto.com

RP Claron 4x5 Drum Scan