Image: RP Claron Drum Scanned at Rayko

Ultra high resolution, wet mount scans from our Heidelberg Tango drum scanner . We recommend drum scanning when you are looking to print as large as possible. For smaller files and prints we recommend our high quality standard scans.  All of our drum scans receive a high level color, density and contrast adjustments in the scanning software. The only choice is if you'd like us to dust the scan in photoshop or if you'd like to do it yourself.  Please feel free to stop by and ask one of our friendly digital lab techs which scanning option might be best for your needs. 

Standard Drum Scan = We scan it, you photoshop it = $85

Premium Drum Scan = We scan it, photoshop it, and deliver a print ready file = $105

Average Turn Around Time: 7 Business Days

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