EPSON 11880

Our wide format Epson 11880 archival inkjet printer that allows for 16bit printing capabilities and prints cut sheets to rolls up to 64" wide. All of our printers use a professional level Ultrachrome K3 ink set with Vivid Magenta to give you a vibrant range of reproducible colors.

For more information on this printer, see our technical specifications page. 


Workstation $10/hr + Paper Usage Cost + Packing Materials (Optional)
Our roll papers are priced in a tiered system, ranging from popular Epson papers to speciality Hahnemuhle Fine Art papers.
Pricing is determined per linear foot

The Epson 11880 takes rolled paper that is 60" wide.  However, in-house, we mostly carry 44" wide papers.  The cost outlined below is by the linear foot on the roll or every 12" x 44"   
Please contact us about pricing for 60" rolls

Tier 1 - $23 per linear foot

  • Enhanced Matte
  • Premium Luster
  • Premium Glossy

Tier 2 - $27 per linear foot

  • PhotoRag 310 - Bright White
  • PhotoRag 308 - Warm Tone
  • Pictorico OHP

Tier  3- $30 per linear foot

  • Fine Art Pearl
  • Fine Art Baryta

Bring Your Own Paper - $5.00/sq foot - Minimum print size 11x14


We have one Epson 11880 available for rent in hour long increments
Please use the calendar below to schedule an appointment