Epson 7890 Medium Format Printer



• 24” maximum paper width
• 16-bit print capabilities
• K3 Ultrachrome archival inks with vivid magenta

• Exceptional B&W printing with Matte Black and Photo Black cartridges

Rental Availability:

Tuesday : 12-6pm

Thursday: 12-6pm

Sunday: 12-6pm

 Click Here For More Detailed Specs

Click Here For More Detailed Specs

Workstation $10/hr + Paper Usage Cost + Packing Materials (optional)

*1st time mandatory orientation: $25 for basic 15-20 min instruction

*Advance reservation required.  


Paper Usage Cost

The Epson 7890 takes rolled paper that is 24" wide. The cost to use our paper is by the linear foot on the roll or every 12" x 24," except Pictorico which is 12"x17" roll. 

Tier - $10 per linear foot

  • Epson Enhanced Matte
  • Epson Premium Luster
  • Epson Premium Glossy


Tier 2 - $15 per linear foot

  • Water Color 310 - Bright White
  • Water Color 308 - Warm Tone
  • Pictorico OHP


Tier - $20 per linear foot

  • Fine Art Pearl
  • Fine Art Baryta

Bring Your Own Paper - $5.00/sq foot - Minimum print size 11x14

If you want to bring in your own paper, please call in advance to let us know that we have the print driver for your paper type.

Packing Materials

Rayko encourages you to bring your own portfolio, boxes, or rolls to be able to safely take your work home once your printing session is completed.  If you do not have a means of transport, corrugated cardboard and protective glassine is available for purchase at the facility and can be custom cut to suit your needs. 

Cardboard - $2.50 /sq ft

Glassine - $0.50 / sq ft

Mandatory Orientation

The orientation guides you through RayKo’s printer set-up, and is an overview of our custom process. The printer rental is for experienced printers who need access to an archival or large-format printer. Bring images to print during the orientation, which will cover:

• Colors and density adjustments on a color-managed monitor    • Setup files to run proofs and final prints  

• Learn proper handling, cutting, and packaging of print

Digital printing is a detail oriented process, and experience in the areas outlined below is key. You will be using all of these skills during the session.  If you need additional in-depth learning, we offer several classes and One-on-One Tutoring for more comprehensive educational experiences.


• $25 for 20 min of instruction
• All final prints must be complete by 6p
• 24-hour advance notice required for reservations


Late arrivals or early checkouts are charged for time reserved. 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. If less than 24-hour notice is given, customers are charged for the time reserved or the following charges, whichever is more: $20/1st time fee, $40/2nd time fee, $60/3rd time fee, 4th time access revoked.