Detailed Imacon Scanner Rental Information


• Accommodates 35mm, 6x6 (120), 5x7, & 4x5.

• Does not support mounted slides (please reserve our Nikon 8000 scanner).

• The Flextight 848 builds on the foundation of the award winning »virtual drum« principle. 

• Active CCD cooling (noise reduction)

• True 16 bit color – 4.8 Dmax in a single pass scanning

• Clean, no artifacts or extra data generated

Free Imacon Scanner Tutorial Videos

This video is about getting up and running in 10 minutes.  For more in-depth info - watch the more in-depth videos below or sign up for the scanning image and workflow workshop. 

There are nine videos & you can make them full screen on your computer or mobile device by clicking on the expand icon the bottom right of every video.

• $45/hr  • 1 hour minimum

• Two Imacon 848 Flextight scanner and an X1 scanner, scans up to 100M/minute in 16-bit

Call to reserve: (415) 495-3773