We have two Flextight Imacon 828 and one X1 Flextight Imacon that each  accommodates film types ranging from 35mm, 6x6, 6 x 9, 5x7, & 4x5.
The Flextight 848 builds on the foundation of the award winning virtual drum principle
All Imacons feature active CCD cooling (noise reduction), true 16 bit color – 4.8 Dmax in a single pass scanning and no artifacts or extra data generated.

Imacons do not support mounted slides. Please reserve one of our flatbed scanners for if you do not wish to unmount your slides

 For more information on this scanner, please see our technical specifications page
Pricing starts at $40 p/hr, and can be reserved in hour increments

Please use the calendar below to schedule an appointment.