Liquid Light Workshop


Liquid Light is a commercially available photographic emulsion that can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and then processed in the darkroom like a traditional darkroom print. This workshop will  be an introduction to using Rockland Liquid Light as a method of creating photographic images on such surfaces including watercolor paper, fabric, and wood. On day one, students will learn various coating and drying techniques and we’ll discuss how to prepare surfaces as cloth, glass, metal, wood, and paper. On day two, students will process their images in the darkroom, troubleshoot problem issues, as well as discuss finishing and presentation options for this unique process. 

PRE-REQ: Recent B&W darkroom experience.

BRING: Paint brushes, personal choices of materials to work with in this process. Glass, metal, ceramic or not-so-porous surfaces that need special pre-treatment are not recommended for this class. Students can also bring in other brands of liquid light to experiment with if desired. 

INSTRUCTORBrad Woodville

SPRING DATES: Sorry! This class is not being offered in our current session. Please email us at to be added to the wait list. We will contact you when this class is offered again

INCLUDES: In-class access to liquid light and some material to coat as well as a week pass to private darkoom BW#3 for coating materials only.  

Feel free to email the instructor if needed to get more info about class at

More details are below about class items to bring

Brushes: both bristle and foam will be fine. I would say no less that an inch wide and no more than 3 inches wide. I usually use about 1.5 in brushes. Having both would be better. Just to be able to compare results.

Paper: Watercolor is a good starting point to get a handle on how the emulsion works. Any other paper they want to bring they should. The more options the better (and fun) Layered stuff like cardboard may not work well

Fabric: Silk may not be the best option. if one can see through it, it may not be the best to use. If canvas is desired, raw canvas works best. Gessoed canvas will not work well


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Workshop Cost: $175

Early Registration: $150


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