Locker Rental

locker 1.jpg

Lockers rentals available to RayKo customers only. 

Worried about carrying your gear, paper, or finishing supplies to and from Rayko Photo Center?  Rayko has plenty of lockers at varying sizes for rent for ease, security, and peace of mind.  Lockers are first come first serve and fill up fast.  To reserve a locker, please visit us during normal business hours.  Lockers available to RayKo customers only!

Small - $7.50/month

6.5”h x15”w x 21”d

Medium - $10/month

9”h x 19.5”w x22”d

Medium Plus - $15/month 

1”h x 22”w x 16”d


Large - $20/month


15"h x22"l x16"d

Large Plus - $30/mo


20"h x20"w x24"d


Extra Large - $35/mo

20"h x 45"w x 23"d



Extra Large Plus $50/mo

45"h x28"w x20"d