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Kodak Endura Metallic Color Paper

An extraordinary RA-4 photographic paper for prints from color negatives with incredible image stability, a unique eye-catching look, and superior process robustness. Expand Your Portfolio and Your Business 

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Metallic Paper offers creative opportunities for both portrait and commercial photographers and additional sales opportunities for labs. With its glossy finish and metallic appearance, it represents another dimension for creating images with exceptional visual interest and depth. 

Commercial photographers and marketers get the eye-catching look they want with ENDURA Metallic Paper. It stands out among traditional retail displays, point-of-purchase signage, store windows, and tradeshow exhibits. Even hard to impress editors will take note when press kit photos are done with ENDURA Metallic paper. 

ENDURA Metallic Paper adds stunning visual impact and a contemporary flair to glamour, wedding, senior, and special-event images. It also delivers an enhanced color gamut for rich, bright color saturation and intense blacks. 

Hola Rayko Brick Camera

Holga Plastic Camera shoots 120 medium format film. 

This Custom design is only sold at RayKo for a limited time. 

Our online store does not support International sales. Email us at for shipping quote.

$45.00 + Shipping Cost

P Claron Camera Collection

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Working Vintage 1947 Photobooth

 Rescued from the center of the earth, and carried through time, by way of a legendary and historic caving expedition by our Captain, RP Claron, RayKo’s vintage auto photobooth is a marvel (Yeah, after all that, we are surprised that is still works too).  Using custom Rayko magical tokens the booth cranks through 14 tanks of chemistry and produces a strip of 4 unique images on traditional black & white paper. It’s one of the first auto photobooths made for production and has been featured in 7×7 Magazine, SF Weekly Best of the Bay, and San Francisco Magazine.  Make your Instagram followers jealous, and come visit it today!

Furry Camera

Created by Rayko master mind, RP Claron, the Furry Camera is covered in genuine sasquatch fur to keep your face warm when shooting in chilly conditions.  This beauty is sure to grab attention of the that cute girl or guy (probably both) at any photography club, this camera is not for the meek shooter. 

The Triclops 3-D Film Camera

Forged in Middle Earth (before the ring to rule them all), the Triclops Camera is a custom made 3-D image monster that only gets better the uglier it gets!  Using two sheets of 4x5 film per shot, 3D portrait artist RP Claron captures your likeness with a potency and result that seems more real than the actual subjects own reality.  Previous sitter Carlos Arrieta said, "Yeah, it felt like my soul was reversed, flipped upside down, and double exposed all at the same time . . . Not sure what that means, health wise, but I liked the bright light . . .oh and the red on the camera." In reactionary statement, Claron said, "Carlos was crazy to begin with . . .sooooo." 

Hand Made Custom 3-D Brass Viewer

Look at your 3-d images in style with this handsome viewer.  Each carefully crafted to enhance your third eye. 


The build your own Nikon F3 program at Rayko allows for the customization of components to really get the right feel, look, and accessories needed to get those great shots.  The process is simple, choose your body, lens, finder, focusing screen, and accessories from our inventory. Complete, shoot ready cameras start at $259 and if you buy 4 or more components you get an additional 20% off.  Come to Rayko for a visit to get more information.  

Visit Camerapedia for detailed specs on the F3 possibilities: