Am I Prepared to Take the Photoshop Level 2 Class?

To enroll in Photoshop Level 2, you should feel comfortable with the following prompts.  If you feel shaky on these topics, you can opt to do private tutoring ($80hr) to make absolve the missed topics, but we recommend just joining the level 1 class. 

1)    What is the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop, and why/when do you use Photoshop instead of Lightroom for editing a photo?

2)    What is the difference between a levels adjustment layer vs using adjustment levels from the drop down menu?

3)    What is the primary purpose of levels?

4)    What is the primary purpose of curves?

5)    Full understanding of the color balance adjustment layer.

6)    Does the order of adjustments matter?

7)    The function of masks and how to use or edit them.  (we learn how to really refine them in level two, but students must know masking on a basic level).

8)    What is the point of using command + J at the beginning of a workflow

9)    Know at least 50% of the things found in the Adobe Camera Raw (raw convertor).

10)What is the difference between the magic wand and the quick selection tool?

11)How do you add to and subtract from a currently running selection?

12) Know the differences between the retouching tools – the spot healing brush, healing brush, patch tool, and clone stamp

13)What is the difference between RAW, JPG, TIF, and PSD and why is bit depth important?

If you have further questions regarding this workshop, please email the instructor at