Platinum Printing with Digital Negatives/Film


Due to its wide tonal range, rich blacks, and intricate highlight detail, platinum/palladium is often described as the most beautiful of the photographic printing processes. In this 4-session workshop, participants will gain an introduction to the contemporary version of this process with detailed hands-on exercises. Topics include coating techniques, chemical contrast variants, paper choices, digital post processing, and more. We will also discuss the difference between the NA2 method and others that exist. This class will explore printing with medium format, 4x5”, or 8x10” black and white negative film, as well as digital negatives. Students will leave with at least a print, a digital negative, and a set of self-created reference examples for future printing solutions.   

We highly encourage you to register for this class at least a week before it starts. Some materials for this class need to be ordered a week before it starts

PRE-REQ: This workshop is open to students of all skill levels but darkroom experience and photoshop skills are a plus. 

BRING: Negatives or Digital files at 300ppi, 8x10” max size,  8 x 10" Non Sensitized Bergger cot 320 paper, and a notebook. 

INCLUDES: Class includes all materials used during in class meetings. Additional materials can be purchased to use outside of class time. Students also will receive a lab pass to computer workstations, the Epson 3880 and partial access to B&W private darkrooms. Outside use of paper and ink costs are not included in this class


 Please review our sales policies regarding class withdrawals and cancellations before signing up. Sorry, we can not give refunds/credits for any class withdrawals less than 7 days before the class starts.

$25.00 off if you register at least one week prior to class start date, all online discounts are applied automatically.


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 Please enter the full name of your companion at the checkout stage including their name, email, and phone number in the comments section of your registration form. 


Workshop Cost: $400

Early Registration: $375


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