Plug & Play Digital Printing

Have some great photos on your laptop that you want to digitally print yourself?  Rayko offers a plug and print option on our Epson Stylus Pro 3880.  It's a great alternative to purchasing and maintaining your own printer at home while ensuring professional output.  Below are all the tools and information needed to print, and if you have more questions, we have digital lab techs that are well versed in digital printing on site from 10am-6pm during regular business days.  

Printer rental = $7/hr + Paper Costs

Same Day Reservations Accepted: (415) 495-3773

Installer Instructions

In order to run the Epson 3880 on your computer, you need to install the basic operating driver from the link below and be sure to choose your correct operating system.  This basic driver supports most Epson papers without having to do any additional install work. Rayko sells Epson Luster and Epson Enhanced Matte onsite, which are both supported by the basic driver. 

Epson Driver Link:

Advanced Users: Example of Downloading a Different Manufacturer Paper Profile

In our example, we are going to go to Hahnemuhle's website and download the .icc file for Bright White Photo Rag Paper.

Hahnemuhle Paper Profiles:  - 1. scroll down to the stylus pro 3880.  2. Click once on your paper type which will generate a zip file.  3. To download the zip file, click download in the top right of the screen. 

4. After downloading, you want to find the file as it will contain the .icc file which is the profile file (the profile usually gets downloaded either to your desktop or the Downloads folder in your computer).

Mine went to the desktop, and here is what the downloaded file looks like.

5. When you open that downloaded folder, you will see the .icc files you will need as well as handling instructions for your paper in various languages.  

The file we are looking for is the one that ends in .icc here the HFA_Eps . . . .icc

6. Next, take that .icc file, and place it in the profiles folder of your computer.  You can do a simple search for it on your computer, but the actual string is:  Computer Name => Library => Colorsync => Profiles

7. That's it.  As long as you placed the downloaded .icc in the profiles folder, it will be accessible from photoshops print driver.  

Calibrate Your Monitor

Not mandatory, but recommended for consistant results, users of our print rental service should calibrate their monitor.  We recommend purchasing your own (this one or this one), but we can also calibrate your laptop at Rayko using our X-Rite Display One Pro (Mac OSX only, sorry PC's). Reservations are necessary for this service.

Laptop Monitor Calibration: $25 for the 1st time, $15 each additional time (recommended once a month).

To Make A Calibration Appointment:  (415) 495-3773 & ask to speak with someone in the digital department