Art Business: Remembering Our Grand Reopening


“Rayko Photo Center reopens with a palpable shindig after a more than four-year hiatus. Every moocher, crasher, idler, sponger, and freeloader in town was on it like maggots on carrion, cramming their faces with hooch and fodder as fast as they could shovel it down their gullets. Do you black holes of take ever think about giving back? (Sorry. I see them constantly, and it’s vent time.) Fortunately, they were well outnumbered by positives.

Speaking of positives, Rayko is for photographers and digital artists who, for whatever reason, occasionally need to borrow stuff. Rayko rents darkrooms, digital labs, printers, work stations, lighting studios, and more, usually by the hour. Rayko is also currently reviewing portfolios for their new gallery, Photographer’s Marketplace. Check it out, photographic artists. “