Past Press: SFWeekly’s Wednesday’s Pick




By Michael Leaverton, Wed., Jul. 28 2010 @ 7:35AM


Your refrigerator reveals a lot about you. We’ve always known this, in a medicine-cabinet sort of way, but it took artist Mark Menjivar to really freak us out. He traveled around the country with a large-format 8-by-10 camera, quickly opened the doors of people’s refrigerators, blocked any tidying or culling, and snapped away. The open-door portraits in “You Are What You Eat,” with accompanying bits of biographical text, are enlightening, sometimes damnably so. We know the bartender in Texas should stop whatever it is he has been doing, because he cannot stop buying takeout and shoving the leftovers into his fridge; he is bricking the thing up with Styrofoam containers. His mother would be appalled. We know to avoid the single person from San Antonio on a $432 fixed income, since in toto he has only a jar of mayo and a mysterious black plastic bag. There’s not as much beer as you would think in the portraits, except in the fridge of some San Diego filmmakers — way to drink, documentary filmmakers who raise money for Ugandan children! Organics and vegetables are satisfyingly present, but perhaps too much in the home of a couple who decided to limit themselves to locally grown vegetables just a week prior. One couple evidently swears by a milk and apple diet, another has a frozen rattlesnake, and another is freezing a deer in little baggies. “You Are What You Eat” is part of the group exhibit “(Por)trait Revealed,” which features work by more than 70 photographers.

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