Past Press: “Skeleton in the Closet”

By Jonathan Curiel Wednesday, Aug 25 2010


Fritz Liedtke offers a counterpoint to popular culture’s glorification of Angelina Jolie and her fellow fit-and-skinny vixens: photos of women with eating disorders. Even better, he lets them tell their stories with short and poignant essays, as with 19-year-old Em, who says her own mother was an anorexic who badgered her “every morning” about her weight. At RayKo Photo Center, Em stares ahead while an older woman — presumably her mom — lurks in the background. Liedtke’s photos are arresting, but what really makes “Skeleton in the Closet” stand out are the confessionals — testimony by young and old alike about what it’s like to live with a serious eating disorder. The only thing wrong: There isn’t enough of “Skeleton in the Closet” at RayKo. Six average-sized images from a photographer’s formidable project are just too small to make a big impact. Visit the photos, which are part of the exhibition “(Por)trait Revealed.”