SFGate: Photography show ‘Last Kodachrome’ end of an era

December 25, 2010|By Sam Whiting, Chronicle Staff Writer

Pat Willard bought forty rolls of Kodachrome when he first found out that the film would have been discontinued last year, and as of early December, he is down to his last three rolls at his residency in Redwood City, Calif. on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010. Willard has four prints presented at the Rayko Gallery in a show entitled “The Last Kodachrome” dedicated to the film’s 74-year history.
Credit: Kirsten Aguilar / The Chronicle

The photography show is called “The Last Kodachrome” but the last Kodachrome images aren’t in the show. They are still in Pat Willard’s Nikon camera.

They will have to come out by next week because the last lab in the world that processes the famed color film, Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kan., is discontinuing it at the end of the year. The last rolls to be processed must be there by noon, Dec. 30. After 75 years, all that will be left of Kodachrome is the Paul Simon song, and a state park named after it in Utah.

There will still be a sister film called Ektachrome, but Willard, a fine art photographer in Redwood City, is not buying it.