SFGate: Exhibitions Skirt Mainstream Via Photo Technology– Kenneth Baker

Feather Lumen” (2008), RA-4 process C-print lumen, by Claudia Wornum.

Feather Lumen” (2008), RA-4 process C-print lumen, by Claudia Wornum.

Kenneth Baker, Chronicle Art Critic, Thursday, July 14, 2011

When the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art hosted a symposium last year titled “Is Photography Over?” I thought it a premature, if not gratuitous, provocation. But several current Bay Area exhibitions have me wondering.

The Haines Gallery’s “Science of Sight: Alternative Photography” assembles work by 13 artists from three continents. Each participant deliberately deviates from the methods, tools and rationales conventional in the photographic mainstream.

RayKo Photo Center has in its gallery “No Mirrors: A Juried Show of Camera-less Photography,” another sampling of work by people both local and international.

Marco Breuer, who also appears in “Science of Sight,” has a solo show at the de Young Museum titled “Line of Sight” that sets photographic works among other light-sensitive objects and things drawn from the museum collections with associative connections to the camera and photographs.

Suddenly artists everywhere seem to be looking for things to do with photographic technology besides shooting pictures.

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