Studio Lighting for Fashion Photography and Portrait Lighting Questionnaire:

 In this exciting workshop, students have about 3 hours to work with professional models after they have been prepared by our makeup artists. Our class will spend this time photographing the models, make adjustments to the lights to see changes, and evaluate our images to see results. 

In order to maximize our time with our models, please use this questionnaire as a guide to ensure you are ready to take this workshop. If you feel like you might need more instruction we suggest taking this class

1) How well do you know shooting in the manual mode of your camera 

2) Have you ever worked with studio lighting before?

3) Have you ever used a handheld light meter before?

4) What is your sync speed for your camera? All cameras might be slightly different so if you do not know it  students can also figure this out the first night of class.

5) What camera are you planning on using for this workshop?

6) What kind of fashion photography interests you the most? Do you have a favorite fashion photographer or style of shooting? 

7) Is there anything specific you'd like to learn for this class

5) Part of this class involves signing a form agreeing you will not sell these images. Would you be ok with that?

If you have any specific questions or needs from this class feel free to email our instructor Arturo at artuto@raykophoto.c