This workshop will teach you how to photograph the 3 most common types of products that present lighting problems for photographers: reflective objects, translucent objects/glassware and arrangements of mixed surfaces. We will discuss the basic techniques and principles that allow you to control the shadows, reflections, sense of the light direction, color balance, and consequently the mood of the image. We will progress from simple setups for "can't miss” Ebay images to more complex and artistic catalog shots. Students will work with both flash and continuous light sources to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each.

PRE REQ: Knowledge of manual camera controls. Students should have knowledge of setting their shutter speeds and aperture manually and how to achieve a proper exposure. 

BRING: A manual camera and tripod if you have one.

INSTRUCTOR: Robert Elvin


(c) Robert Elvin, instructor

Workshop Cost: $200     Early Registration: $175

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  Studio Lighting for Fashion Photography and Digital Processing

Studio Lighting for Fashion Photography and Digital Processing

  Digital Photo                                                           Level 2

Digital Photo                                                           Level 2

  Introduction to                                                     Studio Lighting

Introduction to                                                     Studio Lighting