Rayko to Close on 8/31

RayKo Photo Center is sad to announce that we will no longer be offering any services, rentals, or workshops past 8/31/17.  

All information on this website if for archival purposes only!

NOTE: RayKo will NOT be selling or liquidating any equipment as of this time or in the near future, so please, no inquires or solicitations. 

Please email info@raykophoto.com with any additional questions.

Traditional & Darkroom Workshops

Black & White Darkoom


Black & White Darkroom
Level 1


Black & White Darkroom
Level 2


Pinhole Photography

Alternative Techniques for the Black & White Darkroom

Experimental Darkroom:


Color darkroom

Color Darkroom Printing

Hand Processing Color Film


Past Classes

Below is a listing of classes that RayKo has offered in the past.  While these classes are not available during the current session, we do intend to offer them again.  If you see a class that interests you, please add your name to the wait list.  That way, you will receive advance notice and registration priority when we offer the class again.