Week One | Introductions + Journals

During the first week students will learn about zine history and culture, learn how to sew signatures, and create their own book cover. As a class, we will talk about editions and scale and together decide on the size of a collaborative zine. We will look at zine and journal examples. The class will be introduced to Paul Thek’s famous survey “Teaching Notes: 4-D Design.” We will design a calendar and blind contour draw our neighbor.

Guiding Questions: What roles do we play as actors in our story? What are our personal legends, family folklore, stories? Who are your role models? Tell us about someone who inspires you.

Week Two | Wandering + Making Content

This week students will take a reflective approach to walking and a playful approach to art making. In class, we will look at “The Infinite City” project and “The New Farmer’s Almanac 2015,” as well as read excerpts from Rebecca Solnit. In response to a quote, we will walk around the block and make a photograph. Students will practice creating their own logo or tag, try alternative approaches to drawing, and practice observation skills.

Guiding Questions: What is a symbol? What is an icon? Why does an icon have to be human? What is sacred? What is profane? What is art? What is the purpose of art? What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Week Three | Investigating + Reflecting

This week students will develop a deeper relationship with the city that they live in and experiment with what happens when you bring the studio to the street. We will also work on the layout of the zine, photocopy, sequence, label, notate, organize, discuss, reflect.

Guiding Questions: What is ‘service’? What is the purpose of society? What is the surest way to happiness? How do you know if you are happy, sad, nervous, or bored?

Week Four | Urgency + Circulating

This week students will further explore the ephemera created by Black Lives Matter, Riot Grrrl, and ACT UP. We will read a collection of artist and collective Manifestos. We will talk about platforms for disseminating information such as blogs, websites, newspapers, zines, posters, and other forms. We will also finish the master draft of the zine.

Guiding Questions: What is the most difficult thing in life for you? Can art be useful in dealing with this difficulty? What does Rayko need? This room? You? This city? The country? What would it be like if you behaved with absolute power?

Week Five | Folding and Distribution

This week students will create their own mini pamphlet folio and also fold and staple (or sew) their collaboratively made zines.

Guiding Questions: How can we deviate from our routine? How can we mine our everyday conversations? How can we make strange the things we take for granted?