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Youth Programs

RayKo has been offering a variety of youth oriented classes for kids aged 10-18yrs old. These classes have included one day workshops, after school programs as well as week long camps. We are always open to creating specialized programs for individuals, small groups, or schools. Please email us at workshops@raykophoto.com. Below is a listing of the youth classes we are currently offering.


We are offering a few kinds of summer youth photography camps this summer! Take a look below to see whats new

Summer Photo Camp

In this week long camp, your child will have the opportunity to explore their own personal photographic vision and create a portfolio of original photographs.  Your child will learn and investigate a variety of photographic process, techniques and styles.  We will be using digital cameras and inkjet printing as well as traditional black and white film, processing, and darkroom printing. The camp is suitable for beginners to more advanced students aged 10-18 yrs old, and each camper will be taught and challenged based on their own individual abilities and skill level by a professional photographer and experienced instructor. Camp is limited to 12 students.

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Darkroom Photography Camp 

This one-week class is designed for students aged 10-18 yrs to learn all aspects of traditional darkroom photography. Students will learn how to use a 35mm film camera, process black and white film, and make contact sheets and prints in a darkroom. We will also discuss dodging and burning,  creative composition and editing techniques, as well as presentation techniques. Depending on interest this class may also include working with pinhole cameras and exploring alternative techniques to further the appreciation of darkroom photography.This class is suitable for beginning to advanced students interested in learning traditional black and white photography and printing. Cameras will be provided for students who do not own a 35mm film camera. All materials included.

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Please take notice of the cancellation policies for this class as they differ from our adult classes. 


This 8- week class is designed for students aged 10-18 yrs to learn all aspects of traditional darkroom photography. Students will learn how to use a 35mm film camera, process black and white film, and make contact sheets and prints in a darkroom. For more info or to register, click here


This 7- week class is designed for students aged 10-18 yrs old to explore digital photography through lectures and hands-on activities in and around RayKo. Students will learn both about the basics of photography, its history and how to use both manual and automatic functions of their cameras; including shooting modes, aperture, shutter speeds, ISO & White Balance. Techniques for how to successfully use color, light, composition and image construction in photographs will also be covered. Processing and editing images in photo-related software, as well as presentation techniques, will round out the class. This class is suitable for both beginners, and more experienced students looking to further their skills. Materials included. For more info click here


Chose from among a variety of workshops that are designed for children 5-10 years old to introduce them to photographic concepts and for parents to spend a fun afternoon making pictures with their kids.  Each workshop will focus on different photographic techniques, so these classes can be taken separately or as a series. Click HERE for more info

School Groups 

RayKo welcomes students of all ages to come in and experience photography. We offer structured lessons and are flexible to change these lessons to meet your students interest. Below is a sample of past classes we have offered for school groups. For more info please contact workshops@raykophoto.com



Photography teachers can bring their class in to learn how to make a print or other classes can come for a one-part workshop where students learn how to print b/w images from b/w negatives. The other option is a two-part workshop where they photograph, process and print. Students will discover the beauty and complexity of b/w traditional photography.

One class workshop | Time: 4 hours | Cost: $650 onsite only | Class Size: 10-15 students maximum for the darkroom

Two class workshop | Time: 4 hours/2 days | Cost: $900 | Class Size:10-15 students maximum for the darkroom


A great way to introduce the photographic process to students. Students learn about design, shapes, transparency and silhouettes. A photogram is a photographic image made (without a camera) by placing objects directly onto the surface of a photo-sensitive material such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light. The result is a silhouetted image varying in darkness based on the transparency of the objects used, with areas of the paper that have not received any light appearing light and those that have appearing dark, according to the laws of photosensitivity. The image obtained is hence a negative and the effect is often quite similar to an X-Ray.

One class workshop | Time: 1.5-4 hours | Cost: Starts at $150 onsite only | Class Size: 20 students maximum for the darkroom


The ultimate in low-tech! Pinhole cameras reduce photography to its most basic elements and demonstrate fundamental principles of optics in a way that is visual and easy to understand. Simple cameras capable of making beautiful images can easily be constructed in a few minutes. Students will use RayKo's pinhole cameras and will photograph in the area surrounding RayKo. Students will then process their images in RayKo’s darkrooms. Schools can also pay an additional fee to build their own pinhole cameras so students can maximize the pinhole experience. 

Time: 2-4 hours | Cost: Starting at $450 onsite only | Class Size: 15-20 students max in darkroom | Optimal age group: 10 and up


Have your students enter the world of digital photography. Our instructors will cover the basics of shooting with a digital camera as well as composition and editing techniques. Topics covered include: iso, aperture, shutter speed, histograms, and more! Students may head out on a photo walk to document the areas surrounding RayKo and will return to RayKo to edit and discuss their images. Schools can also pay an additional fee to print their images.

Time: 2-4 hours | Cost: Starting at $450 onsite only | Class Size: 15-20 students max in darkroom | Optimal age group: 10 and up